Her går det ordentlig galt for Junior-VM-føreren i Rally Sweden

    😱😱 Crew ok👍

    Publisert av Jan-Atle Andreassen Fredag 14. februar 2020

    Tittel: Jon Armstrong-krasj på Nyckelvattnet - Crew OK

    Kilde: Jan Atle Andreassen

    Plattform: Facebook

    Varighet: 0:44

    Bilsportkategori: Rally


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    YouTube: Rally Tron was a new sprint rally in Norway with four stages starting with two in the bottom of the valley and then going up to the top of Tronfjell at around 1600m and then back down again to 1380m to finish the event. Very windy on the last stage so a bit tricky to get steady video!

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